is the river knitter a storefront?

at this time, 'the river knitter' is an online business only.


do you sell yarn?

'the river knitter' does not sell yarn or other supplies at this time. we are in the process of establishing an import partnership to begin selling yarn.


does the river knitter have another online presence?

yes. 'the river knitter' is on Ravelry as annmarie, on Instagram as annmarie 1355, on Facebook as the river knitter, and on Twitter as the river knitter.


what is the best way to contact the river knitter?

at this time, the best way to contact 'the river knitter' is to send an email directly to


do you sell knitting patterns?

my knitting patterns are currently available on Ravelry under the designer name 'the river knitter'. they may also be found through the link on my personal Ravelry page, where I am 'annmarie'.